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Staircase Pressurization System  
We bundled the key components to provide the solution for staircase pressurization application. Suitable for residential and commercial buildings.

*VFD and mechanical fan by others.

The system consist of one to two numbers of Differential Pressure (DP) transmitters and a digital controller (DDC) pre-loaded with pressurization control algorithm.

  • DP transmitters will constantly monitor the differential pressure between the ambient and stairwell.
  • Output signal of the DP transmitters are hardwired back to the DDC.
  • DDC to output a 0-10VDC signal to modulate pressurization mechanical fan via a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) based on the signal feedback from DP transmitters.


  • Built-in LED display and navigation buttons provide simple user interface and easy reading of all input differential pressure readings.
  • Simple user interface for adjustment of pressure set point and commissioning.
  • Optional remote display. (Max. 100m)
  • Easy mounting of DDC. (Rail mounting)
  • Easy setup and commissioning.
  • Cost effective solution.
Single line diagrams and drawing will be provided for field wirings.
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