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Typical AHU Application

Application Diagram

This solution provide for

  1. Supply air temperature control with supervision for average offcoil temperature, return air temperature, outdoor air temperature, chilled water temperatures, room temperature and humidity.
  2. Supply air temperature setpoint can be program to be offset by either return air, room temperature, outdoor air temperature or cooling load feed back from BTU calculator.
  3. Return air temperature control by modulation of fan speed through variable speed drive.
  4. Energy management features like night purging, optimum start/stop timing, occupancy overwrite.
  5. Power consumption supervision with power quality meter.
  6. Cooling load supervision with BTU calculator for energy optimization.
  7. Temperatures logging and runtime totalization for mechanical equipment.
  8. Fully configurable control strategy.
Product List

No. Products Type
1 Room Humidity and Temperature Sensor BA/T10K-H205
2 Outdoor Temperature Sensor BA/10K-D-2-EUO
3 Supply Air Sensor BA/10K-D-8-BB
4 Variable Speed Drive / Inverter sales@vace.com.sg
5 Power Quality Meter UMG96S
6 Offcoil Averaging Temperature Sensor BA/10K-A-8-BB
7 Filter Differential Pressure Switch ZPS-SW1
8 Return Air Temperature Sensor BA/10K-D-8-BB
9 Damper Actuators SMU..
10 Flow Meter sales@vace.com.sg
11 BTU Calculator sales@vace.com.sg
12 Cooling Valve R2.. AC / R6.. AC
13 Actuator SRU..
14 Chilled Water Temperature Sensors BA/10K-I-4-WP
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